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Chaillie Debosier named 2019 Donor of the Year

Valkyrie Foundation has chosen Chaillie Debosier to be honored as the Donor of the Year 2019.

Chaillie Debosier (center) in Salem, Massachusetts

2019 Donor of the Year Chaillie has been Valkyrie Foundation's biggest advocate and donation promoter. To date she has connected more donors to Valkyrie Foundation than any other of our supporters!

"...Oh yeh, I just remembered my friend ... I always see him involved in charity functions so maybe he’d be willing to help as well, I’ll reach out ..."

Chaillie was the very first individual to donate to Valkyrie Foundation and has been a diehard volunteer for our efforts from the foundation's inception. A model benefactor, Chaillie is always willing to give, not only contributions, but time and energy in volunteering for Valkyrie Foundation events and programs.

Valkyrie Honors its Donors

This year at the annual Pink Party Breast Cancer Benefit, Chaillie will be honored by the Valkyrie Foundations Board of Directors personally, to thank her for all she's done to help us push our Mission forward.

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